Medium Voltage Switchgear

Description: 5 & 15kV Metal Clad Switchgear

Medium Voltage Motor Control Centre

Description: Limitamp 5kV AR & Non AR MCC

Low Voltage Switchgear

Description: AKD-20 & Entellisys LV Switchgear

Low Voltage Motor Control Centre

Description: E9000 AR & non-AR LV MCC

Load Interrupter Switches

Description: BreakMaster Load Interrupter Switch, up to 15kV & 1200A

Low Voltage Drives

Description: AF6 Series, 1/3 to 1350HP up to 600V

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Description: 3 Phase, 10-1000KVA
Series LP33, TLE, SG
1 Phase, 700VA-10KVA, Tower & Rack
Series VCL, VH, GT, LP11
Critical Power Distribution – MDU Series
Static Transfer Switch – STS-3 Series

Automatic Transfer Switch

Description: 120-600VAC, 40-4000A
Series ZTX, ZTG, ZTS, ZTE, ZT30
Generator Paralleling Switchgear
Surge Protective Devices

Motors & Drivers

Description: MV6 Medium Voltage Drives
LV Induction Motors
IEEE & NEMA X$D Ultra, A$D Ultra
MV Induction Motors

Oil Filled Transformers

Description: Generator Step-Up, Step Down up to 1000MVA & 500kV, Substation up to 69kV & 15MVA

MGM Transformer Company: Originally established in 1975, MGM Transformer Company has become the largest dry-type transformer in the American west. Lightweight and versatile, MGM’s American-made transformers are suited for nearly any application.

Dry Type Transformers

Description: 9KVA to 10MVA, 480V to 34.5KV, Indoor & Outdoor

Liquid Filled & Dry Type Drives Isolation Transformers

Description: 6,12, 18 and 24-Pulse, 15KVA to 10MVA, 600V to 34.5KV, Indoor & Outdoor
MGM products are only available in Alberta.


Northeast Power Systems Inc. (NEPSI): Keep your sites safe and your voltage consistent with NEPSI. With their compact metal-enclosed power factor capacitor and harmonic filter banks, you’re well prepared to deal with any voltage irregularities your site may experience.

Medium Voltage Power Factor Capacitor Banks & Harmonic Filters

Description: Medium Voltage Enclosed Capacitor Banks & Harmonic Filters

iS5 Communications: Even the most demanding sites need network connectivity. iS5 specializes in network solutions in the most challenging environments, from utilities to heavy industry. Products include media converters, Ethernet switches, industrial computers, and more.

Industrial Ethernet Products Designed for Harsh Environments

Description: Media Converters
Serial Servers
IEC 61850 Switches
HSR/PRP Switches
POE Switches
Ethernet Switches
Gigabit Switches
Industrial Computers


Power Systems Technologies: When you need all the power but none of the size, Power Systems has the mini-sub for you. Available either dry or liquid-filled, their flagship mini-sub is tamper proof, CSA-approved, and requires virtually no maintenance. Firm believers in “smaller is better”, PST also offers a compact SF6 load break switch.

Mini Unit Substations (Oil & Dry Type)

Description: MiniSub Compact Substation w/ Dry or Oil Filled Transformers

SF6 Load Break Switch

Description: Compact SF6 switching technology using the Arc-Whipper© three position switch


KoCos: Originally founded in Germany, KoCos has grown to be an internationally-renowned provider of electrical test and monitoring equipment. They provide the meters and testing equipment that ensure your systems are operating as intended.

Measurement & Test Equipment

Circuit Breaker Testing
Resistance Measurement
Protective Relay Testing
Power Quality Measurement
Digital Fault Recording
Meter Testing

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